Pride, Precision, Always Professionally Driven
About us

MK Pipelines is an underground utility construction firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area that was established in 2001 and has grown through the years. MK Pipelines carries out underground utilities across all spheres which include sewer, storm, gas, water and fire water with any of the materials that are currently specified with public works projects. We are San Francisco LBE and a California SBE registered company. Although the company has grown and developed throughout the years, we still retain our core values of always creating a safe and healthy work environment for every party involved. We strongly believe that every person should have a voice that is heard and acknowledged as all truly successful projects are completed by teams and never individuals. We actively encourage growth and advancement in every aspect of our company whether it is out on the job site or in the office.

MK Pipelines, Inc. is well versed in the various problems and conditions involved in a good cross section of construction projects. Over 95% of our team is first aid, confined space, competent person and hazwoper trained and over half have OSHA 30 hour training.  This representation of expertise is rare, as most organizations do not have this type of experience.  We work well with General Contractors and Inspectors and additionally we coordinate well with other contractors. We pride ourselves on keeping the projects on time and within budget which is critical to the success of any job. One of the crucial reasons why our company is utilized by the same school districts and general contractors on an ongoing basis is due to our precision and professionalism. MK has executed contracts for multiple municipalities, agencies and cities throughout the Bay Area but we are particularly strong in the public and private school market.  

Here at MK Pipelines, we believe the key to being a good contractor is being able to keep the job moving and maintaining quality control from start to finish.  This along with responsive interaction, foresight, good communication skills and common sense we develop successful projects in a safe manner.  MK has completed over 1,000 DSA projects in the Bay Area and we are very proud to say we have never been responsible for the late or unsatisfactory delivery of any project. We bring a wealth of experience to every school project we encounter and strive to provide a safe, economical, and efficient solution to every new challenge we are given. As most of our jobs are related to the school district, we strongly believe that the work we do has a lasting impact not only in the community but most importantly on the children that benefit from our work.